Broadband Outage

After I announced the latest upload last night things were going rather well.  Orders were coming in steadily and I was dealing with a number of enquiries.  That was the moment that my broadband decided to fail.  When that happens it isn’t immediately apparent what has gone wrong.  Is it them or is it me?  Once you start diagnosing the reports are gloomy but ambiguous.  Only a phone call to the service provider eventually clarified matters: they’d had a total outage in my area, engineers were working, service was expected to be reconnected blah, blah, blah.

My experience with broadband provision has been mixed.  My first provider was pretty good but was taken over by a company that was more about numbers than quality.  Slow browsing, random disconnects, outrageously appalling technical support.  After being far too patient for far too long, I dumped them, in favour of BT.  I’m not fond of BT, having had disagreements with them back in the dial-up days, but they seemed to be the pick of the very seedy bunch that offer broadband connections.  BT should be sound because they own the lines and, to that extent, hang onto a nasty monopolistic privilege even after deregulation.  All of that having been said, they’re much better than my last provider.  There have been few outages and when they did occur it was possible to find out that it was them at fault, not some failing of my equipment.  That’s a bigger deal than it seems.  If you’re left suspecting that the failure is down to your box, there’s the temptation to start messing with settings, and that way madness lies.

A moderately good broadband speed is essential for my business – and a moderately good speed is what I get.  It’s too slow to run movies reliably, but living where I live that’s hardly surprising.  Anyway, that’s what television and DVDs are for.  The politicians keep promising us that superfast broadband is just around the corner.  They’re a bit cagey about which corner, though.  I don’t mind; this is fast enough for what I do.  I might feel different if I lived a dozen or so miles inland where the broadband isn’t very broad at all and even email becomes an adventure.

So that’s the story.  Sorry if you were trying to contact me and were unable to but I’m back again at last!

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