A Twenties Wyvern No 60N

Wyvern, despite the great many pens they made in a variety of models, is poorly represented in the literature and on line.  Yes, Lambrou provides a potted history and Hull covers it in much more detail, but where does one go to find illustrations of the many different models?
This, for future reference, is a Wyvern 60N.  It closely resembles some other models of that mid-twenties period.  I’ve seen an unnamed button filler in this rich mottled hard rubber, differing in the filling system and the addition of medium bands at the top and lip of the cap.  Another has an inserted clip and no black clip screw.
The red and black hard rubber is exceptionally richly coloured and shows no sign of fading in its 90 or so years.  The pen is quite big.  At 13.7cm it’s slightly bigger than the Waterman 52.  The warranted nib is large too, around a No 4 size.  I don’t know what the “N” designation means.  It occurs to me that I don’t know what the more common “C” stands for either.  These No 60 pens first appeared in 1921 and continued to be issued with changes, some minor, others major, for the life of the company.

IMGP3395The toothed feed is typical of its time and does an admirable job of getting ink to the nib.
Though it fits perfectly and was once gold-plated to match the lever and cap rings, I’ve never seen this clip on any other Wyvern and I suspect that it may be a replacement.  In terms of quality, I think it has to be said that this is a better pen than any of the post-war ones I’ve handled.

3 thoughts on “A Twenties Wyvern No 60N

  1. Reading up about Wyverns on your blog, I came across this article, and noting your remark about the clip, I find I have a pen, which came with an incorrect cap – in other words the thread is incorrect for that on the barrel. The clip is identical to that shown in your picture, though the cap has a taller top (above the clip I mean). Could you tell me if possible, what make the clip represents? Thanks

    1. I can’t be certain, I’m afraid. As I say in the article, I suspect that the clip is a replacement. It may be that it’s original, in which case yours would have come from another Wyvern. However, it’s doubtful and I can’t remember seeing that clip elsewhere.

      1. Thanks very much; it is an attractive design, and to me is reminiscent of European pens – German for example from what little I’ve seen of them.

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