This And That


Looking at the number of twists in that sac, I’d say that not much writing was done with this Duofold after the last “repair”.

Non-pen demands on my time have been severe recently, so I’m getting little time at either the workbench or here at the PC.  Hence the lack of entertainment in here and the paucity of uploads to the sales site, matters which I hope to put right soon.  Anyway, here’s a pen joke:

Pat finds a pen in the street one day and he shows it to his pal Mick, and asks him if it’s his pen.

“Give us it here till I see,” says Mick, and pulling a scrap of paper from his pocket, writes on it.

“Sure, and ’tis my pen right enough,” says Mick.

“How do you know?” asks Pat,

“Cause it’s my handwriting,” says the bold Mick…

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