Mabie Todd Swan SM100/63 Again


I’ve had these gorgeous pens from time to time; looking back through the blog I see I had one as recently as March 2nd this year (   I always keep an eye out for another one because the colours are so beautiful.
This one has a nice flexible nib, too.  It’s a delight to write with, but if it had been my working pen back in the thirties when it was new I would have got very little work done because you have to devote a reasonable amount of time to admiring the pattern.  That would be a large part of the working day.
I can’t say much different from what I said back in March.  These are just the most wonderful pens.  One interesting thing: though they have quite a lot of jade in the barrel and cap, I’ve never seen one discoloured.  Admittedly, this version of jade isn’t as pale as some others.  Nonetheless it would not have surprised me if these colours were subject to damage from decaying sacs but it seems they are colourfast.



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