The Bury Pen


This is a Bury, an English-made pen I’ve never heard of before and about which I can discover precisely nothing.  Was it made in Bury St. Edmunds?  Is the pen so bad that it should be buried?  Actually, no.  It’s clearly a cheap pen.  Going on the plastic feed and section, I’d guess at the early fifties.  Whatever gold-alike substance was once on the trim has suffered quite a bit of wear.


It has an Osmiroid 35 nib, the cheapo nib du jour from the thirties to the fifties.  Having said all that, it’s robust and not without some style.  If all you wanted was a pen to write with, this one would do – and it would serve you rather well for a long time, I expect.
But what’s it worth?  Nothing.  Zilch.  Not a penny.  This was one of a bunch of pens I bought for the sake of a quite good Parkette that was in it.  I didn’t really want the poor Bury, and I suspect that no-one else does either.  What does one do with these worthless pens that write and are actually rather good writers?  What I’ll do is this: I’ll give them away for the cost of the postage, and I’ll find out what the cheapest method of mailing is to where you live.  PayPal only.  There will doubtless be others.


Anyway, my assistant is constantly on the look-out for good and interesting pens.  She found one today, a glorious Swan SM 100/63, of which more anon.  To save you looking it up in John’s estimable list, it’s the russet and jade one.  Oh, by the way, there was discussion of John’s list on the Fountain Pen Board today – go and have a look!

3 thoughts on “The Bury Pen

  1. I have a mint Bury pen with the original Bury nib uninked in its original box, I have polished to mint condition. I made it part of my private collection and proud to own a unique old pen along with other gems

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