A Brace Of Swan SF1s



During the last couple of weeks I picked up two near-identical Swan SF1s.  Both are of the more prestigious three-band variety (the bands a little broader on one than on the other) , both, oddly enough, are personalised, one to “EH” and the other to “NM Pinfold”.  There aren’t many Pinfolds around; I hoped to be able to identify him but Google was not my friend today.  The Pinfold pen has been used quite a bit.  It’s a little faded and there is wear on the bands.  The EH pen is pristine.  Both have mottled hard rubber insets bearing the Swan image in the top of the cap.

There’s this minor difference:
Lambrou reckons that you can date pens by the Swan image.  For myself, with the exception of the WWII central Swan, I can’t see it.  As is the case here, I’ve seen the same model of pen with different Swan imprints.  I suspect that a number of different Swan stamps were in use most of the time.

However, if you haven’t spotted it already, there’s another major point of difference.


The Pinfold pen has the above section, undoubtedly correct for the model.  This shape of section began with the Swan Safety Cap Eyedropper Filler and was developed a little for the nineteen-twenties SF range.  So far as I am aware the SFs consistently use this section with the exception of the overlay pens, which have a section designed to accommodate the metal overlay.


The EH pen has this section.  Never seen one of these on an SF before, though I’ve seen plenty on thirties pens like the SM range.  I would almost immediately dismiss it as a replacement were the EH pen not so perfect in every other respect.  It looks like it has never been used.  It would be easy enough to replace the section with an appropriate one as I have several spares, but would it be correct?

What do you think?



8 thoughts on “A Brace Of Swan SF1s

  1. The question you raise about the section on the EH pen? For me, correct or incorrect, if it doesn’t obviously detract from the overall ‘look and feel’, I would think of it as part of the history and character of the pen’s life and leave it untouched.

  2. Hi Deb, I have a SF100 Swan Mabie Todd and it has the same section as the EH,I can not seem to upload the photo of it but I have a photo of my pen on Fountain Pen network under Love Pens as I am trying to work out a bit of history of the SF 100 and track down a cap. The Swan on the barral of mine is not clear. Hope this helps you.

    1. Hi Val,
      I’m no longer in FPN so I can’t see your picture there. Interesting that your one should have the later type of section. If it’s any help to you, the SF 1 and its larger brothers were the first Swan lever fillers and began being produced in 1920 or 1921, depending on who you read. They were very successful and survive in their hundreds. Caps are, of course, the most fragile part and therefore the most difficult to find replacements for. Persevere, though. Ebay is your best bet.

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