Mabie Todd Swan 100/60


Life can be such a nuisance at times, you know?  You just can’t get a thing done for life getting in the way, tripping you up and blocking you at every turn.  Hence the lack of posts recently.  I hope life is going to back off and behave itself and let me get on with some work.


This is a Swan 100/60.  No SM or SF, just 100/60.   It’s a plain pen, essentially just two BCHR tubes with a little bit of taper at the end of the barrel.  It reminds one of its immediate predecessor, the SF1 and points further back to the eyedropper fillers of a few years previously.  However it has the handsome fixed clip that became a Swan icon, and it is embellished with a broad cap band.  The hallmark tells us the band was made in London in 1924 – 1925 and it is 18 carat.  That fits with the date I would put the pen at, so it’s not a later addition.


The nib is, though, because this pen should have a No 1 nib, rather than this No 2.  I’m going to leave it there, though, because it fits well and has clearly been there for a long time.  It’s a lively and characterful semi-flex.

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