Mabie Todd Swan 3160

The post-war 31– range of Swans is often deprecated because of the small size of the nib.  Quite strange really, because the Swan No 1 is no smaller than many nibs that meet with approval, such as the bulk of the medium to lower-cost Conway Stewarts but I have seen people say that they avoid them because of their quality.  In truth, the build quality of the pen is same as that of its bigger siblings and the fact that so many of them have survived in very good condition supports that.
Judging by the very good condition of the gold plating, this 3160 hasn’t seen much use.  The plastic, too, has much less in the way of marks of everyday use than you would expect to see in a pen of this age.


Like so many in the 31– range, this pen has an absolutely outstanding nib.  Its appearance gives no clue that this is one of the best flexible nibs to come my way in a long time.  It expands easily from fine to triple broad and the snap-back to its usual shape is instant.  The ladder feed supplies enough ink to meet the demands the nib makes.  I had some fun testing this pen after re-saccing.  Here’s a writing sample to give an idea of its capabilities:


7 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan 3160

  1. Hello Deb,
    That looks to be a good pen and I love the nib. I have a similar one which is a fine writer and is a well built pen, however the nib is not so flexible. I wonder if this pen is for sale.if so I would be keen to acquire it.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Mehdi,
      This pen will be for sale, but I have made it a rule that if I post about a pen here it has to go onto the sales site, in order to give everyone a chance at it. I’ll be uploading pens including this one in the next few days and I’ll make the announcement here, in FPN and on FaceBook as usual.

  2. I know this is a very old post but I bought one of these pens that has a #1 flex nib aswell. I noticed the one you had and the one I have don’t have the heart shapped breather hole. I was wondering if you knew anything else about this. All the others I have seen do.

      1. Thanks you very much for your response. I might be incorrect but from my observations I have seen less nibs with the circular breather hole.

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