Kaweco Sport


As you may have noticed I seldom buy modern pens.  Not my thing, really, but I had a bundle of small international cartridges that came in a lot I bought some time ago and I wanted an inexpensive pen to use them up.  I didn’t really consider any of the Chinese pens.  They haven’t worked out for me – metal sections and brass barrels make no sense to someone whose usual pens are Swans and Conway Stewarts.  I’ve had earlier piston fill versions of the Kaweco Sport with gold nibs and I knew that the current classic Sport isn’t as well featured as they were, but I like the idea of the long-short pen.


I bought mine from Amazon and it came directly from Germany.  Postage included, it was around £20.00.  I opted for the broad and that’s what I got but it isn’t all that broad.  More of a generous medium, I feel.  That’s not a complaint, really.  The nib width is good.  I’m pleased with it.  The pen weighs practically nothing, which is how I like them and it does what it’s meant to do.  The threads, both cap and section, are good.  There’s no clip but I wasn’t going to be carrying it anyway and the octagonal cap keeps it from rolling off the desk.  The plated nib has a few curlicues on it as they all do nowadays, but it also reminds us that Kaweco has been around since 1883.  There’s a little gilded disc with “Kaweco” on it on the top of the cap, and “Made In Germany” is on the bottom of the barrel.


In use it’s long enough posted, the ink flow’s great out of the box and I’m very pleased with it.  Great little pen.  Everybody should have one.


My assistant doesn’t work on Saturdays.


She’s not very keen on having her photograph taken either.

4 thoughts on “Kaweco Sport

  1. Deb,
    Lovely post. My daughter bought me a Kaweco Sport for Christmas. At first I was a bit put off by the short / long thing, but soon got used to it.

    Like yours, mine wrote smoothly out of the box and I’m very fond of it now.

  2. Deb,
    I have two of them, with the clear barrels, and carry them everywhere in a little Kaweco leatherette case. They are indestructible. Also, very easy to convert to eyedroppers, then they hold a lot more. And, unlike other EDs, the feeds are complex enough that they don’t blurp, down to the last drop.

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