Mabie Todd Swan SM100/63


Swan had the best colours.  They don’t come any more beautiful than this.


I expect that when this pen came on sale back in the thirties, it cost the same as the plain black one.  Things are a little different now.  These pens, like the colourful Visofils and Jackdaws are hard to come by now, and expensive when they do appear.  I count myself fortunate that this is the third russet/jade marble pen I’ve had in all the years I’ve been buying pens.


This pen isn’t just a pretty face, either.  It has a high-shouldered oblique nib with a little flex to it, which makes for a nice writer.

I think it needs to be said at this point that I can’t make this pen available for private sale.  It will have to go up on the sales site.  I got into all sorts of hot water over privately selling a pen that everyone wanted recently. The burnt child minds the fire, as they say here in Scotland.

Want another look at those colours?  Go on, then!



6 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan SM100/63

  1. It is lovely. Can’t believe people gave you stick about a private sale. Its your pen..You can sell it however you like. BAH
    Kee up the fabulous work!!

    1. Yep, I got quite the telling-off and the guy was pretty persistent about it! In the end, of course, a few firm words brought the criticism to an end, but I did take something from it. If someone asks if I have, or can get a specific pen, that’s all right. No-one else is involved and a private sale deprives no-one. However, if it goes in the blog it must go in the sales site. I don’t actually care about that whiny complainer, but I don’t want my friends and good customers feeling that they were never given a chance to get one of the better pens.

      1. Aw. Well I am sorry you had to put up with that. My special order still stands 🙂 if you see a snakey mabie Todd please nab it for me. Any colour 🙂

  2. I have never heard of that drivel, er I mean social or site rule. If I put a pen up to show or ask questions about I may not be selling it at that point. If I am I would say so, or if someone says later ‘hey, would you be selling it and at what price?’ I may say I will think on it or go ahead if someone else really wants it. It IS, after all, mine to do with as I want.
    If someone has issue with that they should have asked about it as well.
    Though I usually sell on Ebay I have done some private sales. Some around the world which I find very cool.
    I suppose that if the site requires you to sell on their site, they must guarantee a sale, Right??? sarcasm here.
    Sorry you had a bad experience. I have had a couple…especially with those who can’t accept no as an answer…

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Would that it were so simple. I have a lot of loyal customers and I don’t want to disappoint any of them, hence my decision to work in this way. The site is my own. I sell in ebay sometimes too.

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