A Duofold AF


This is my latest everyday user.  It’s a rather shabby Duofold AF and yes, somebody broke the clip and no, I haven’t got around to replacing it.  The pen writes just as well with a broken clip.  It’s made from that strange plastic that Parker used for the AFs.  It looks black until you put it under a strong light, then it’s green.


The great thing about this pen is the nib.  It’s a quite acutely-angled oblique.  It took a little practice to come to terms with it but now I’m enjoying it!

I spent all day today editing photos and writing descriptions for my next upload.  My assistant doesn’t do that computer stuff so she took the day off.


Tomorrow I’ll be back to restoration.  There’s one pen in particular I mean to fix up and photograph so I can write about it here, mainly because it will allow me to use the word “dodecagonal.”  Now what could that be?

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