The Conway Stewart Quail Stylo No 3


DSCF0919This little Conway Stewart began life as a stylo, the Quail Stylo No 3 to be exact.  It was subsequently converted into a fountain pen using a short, thick feed and a folded-tip white metal French nib.  I suspect that it didn’t work well as the inside of the section is stepped, meaning that the feed didn’t fit as it should.


I searched Stephen Hull’s Fountain Pens For The Million and The English Fountain Pen Industry but found no reference to this stylo.  There is no mention of it in Jonathan Donahaye’s list either.  Of those listed, it most resembles the Pixie 113 Ink Pencil.

Does anyone know anything about this stylo?

There seems little point in posting an enquiry to Fountain Pen Network’s Conway Stewart section as all those with a good knowledge of the brand left some time ago.  Sad business.  I’ve posted to Fountain Pen Board instead.

2 thoughts on “The Conway Stewart Quail Stylo No 3

  1. Hi Deb

    This pen is probably, as you state, a Pixie 113, Ink Pencil. Conway Stewart manufactured countless pens for other manufacturers and distributors, and often these only ever bear the imprint of the other manufacturer or distributor.

    If there is no manufacturer marks, it is unlikely that you’ll find out much detail about the pen, unless the marks relate to a specific place. I have a plain black Conway Stewart pen that just says “Lanes Library Herne Bay” and as I live in Herne Bay, I knew that I could find out the history behind it. I know of other examples, such as “The Perth Garage Pen” which will be equally as easy to find out about, and there are others attributable to Harrords, Selfridges and other department stores. As for your pen, the only possible connection I can come up with, and this is pure speculation that needs some following up to see if it is founded, is that there is a golf course in the USA called Quail Hollow, and a style would make a much better golf card marking pen than a standard fountain pen.

    I have many such pens, but not one of these. I’m envious!

    I’m sorry I can’t be more specific and I wish you success in your hunt to find out more about this pen.

    David Wells
    Webmaster for WES,

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the information. It’s a very pretty little pen but incomplete. I’ll hang on to it and maybe someday I’ll get the other bits to complete it.

      It’s an interesting introduction to ink pencils/stylos for me. I’m moderately well up on British fountain pens, but I haven’t dealt with these ones.

      Best regards,

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