The Forward 45 Lever Filler


Spicer Bros. Ltd. of London was a pen manufacturer which existed from 1917 to 1926*. They made stylos, the Tudor pen, the Kingscote pen and this one, the Forward Pen. Made from black chased hard rubber, the Forward 45 is a large pen at 13.8cm capped. It reminds me of the the Mabie Todd Blackbird BB2/60 in its size, shape and long filler lever.


The warranted nib is about the size of a Swan No 1 but it’s dwarfed by the pen. A clipless pen, it has been fitted with a rather unusual accommodation clip. It’s a decent pen, and it would be interesting to see the other pens this company made, especially the Kingscote which carried a 6 months supply of ink tablets in the cap*. All are unfortunately rare now.


Excuse the quality of the pictures which were taken quickly with flash rather than with a full light-box setup.

With the exception of a very few, all the pictures in this blog were taken with my trusty old Fujifilm S8100fd. It took thousands of fountain pen pictures for the blog, eBay, my sales site and the pen discussion boards, as well as the use it got on our travels. It was the perfect camera for close work and it never gave me a single problem until yesterday. After taking these Forward photos it failed in a very final way. I’m sorry to lose it but it certainly didn’t owe me anything!

Fujis have, over the years, served me better than Canons or Nikons and I plan to stick with them. After looking into the best macro cameras around at the moment, I settled on a Fujifilm X 10 and that should arrive in a day or two.

*Stephen Hull, The English Fountain Pen Industry 1875 – 1975.

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