An Unusual Swan 1500

I bought this pen as a Swan 1500 eyedropper and maybe that’s what it is, but it isn’t a normal one. The pen was in a poor state when I got it, filthy and ink-stained and it will still need some more work to make it presentable. Excuse the rough pictures, just snaps I took as I disassembled the pen.


None of the features I’m seeing here are entirely new to me but this is the first time I’ve seen them together in one pen. I’ve seen the long wires which almost to the barrel end in over-and-under feed eyedroppers before. They’re intended to lead the ink in smoothly to the feed, in which these wires are embedded. The feed is altogether more complicated than the usual over-and-under, and really is something different. It’s a composite of several parts and I think it will take some playing around to make it work well.


The nib is unusual in that it has no breather hole. I have a nib like this and had assumed that it was meant for a dip pen, but it seems that’s not so. Unless, of course, this is a replacement, but the encrusted ink of ages says that it has been in this section for a long time.

No conclusions at this point. I’ll be working with this pen for a while.

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