It Annoys Me A Little…

When a body has been hung, drawn and quartered it’s not like a jigsaw puzzle. It doesn’t even remotely look like it could be put back together. The hanging distorts the neck in an amusing way and the disembowelling flattens the body somewhat. Stepping carefully over the untidy pile of entrails, I began to tidy up my execution tools.

Looking back at my handiwork I mused, “That’ll teach him to sell me a pen with an undeclared crack in the cap!”

6 thoughts on “It Annoys Me A Little…

  1. ….indeed there is a very warm place in the after-life that justly awaits not only perpetrators of that particular misbehavior, but of all other malfeasance we regrettably encounter.

  2. Hahahaaaaaa! That sends a message as good as parading a bloody head through town on a stick!

    Love your wit, Deb..always a pleasure.


    1. There were two of the blighters today, hence my furious imaginings. I include my business card with returned pens so that the sellers may have the pleasure of reading my blog.

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