The Mentmore Spot

When Mentmore started out one of their earliest pens was the Spot. The first version was a handsome flat-top mottled hard rubber pen and it was issued in 1923. It caught on quite well – it was a lot of pen for comparatively little money – and Spot became established almost as a separate brand in its own right. It was strongly marketed with the slogan “None genuine without the spot.” Spot pencils and ink were produced also.

This one’s a later version, still hard rubber (quite faded in this case) but now streamlined and quite modern-looking. I can’t accurately date this pen but I’d guess at the late thirties. It has the leopard logo on both the nib and the barrel, and the cap band has the “stack of coins” form. It’s a solid, well-made pen, though this example has seen a lot of use.

Spot has a collector following and early examples are snapped up pretty quickly. It has been said – and appears to be true – that Spot used the white dot before Sheaffer used the same thing to indicate a lifetime warranty.

6 thoughts on “The Mentmore Spot

  1. hello – have just read the article on the Mentmore Spot, amongst others, and I stand in awe at the knowledge being shared here. Coincidentally, I was offered a very nice condition example this morning in a charity shop – probably identical to the model shown here – in black and with the ‘engine turned’ imprint decorative effect on the cap and barrel – at such a good price you don’t even want to know.
    Probably typical of so many f/pens, on this one the bulb has perished and is the only part that needs to be replaced in order to make this a very nice usable pen.
    Being new to restoration/repair etc., I’m almost clueless as to locating a replacement, although believe something like a size 18 might be about right.
    Am I correct, and from whence might I source one

    Thanks for patience in reading my first comments on this forum, and hope to hear from someone.

      1. thanks for the quick reply – will contact the link you’ve attached. Am I correct in thinking that some clear shellac should be applied to the post before stretching the bulb into place – or is there an alternative such as glue?
        Also, is there a facility here to attach pix to future posts?

      2. Not in the way one would in a discussion group, most of which have internal libraries. You might upload the picture to a hosting site like PhotoBucket and use the “link” feature to attach it. Worth a try.

      3. the confusion is obviously mine – being new to collecting f/pens I made wrong assumption this site was similar to open discussion group where pix could be uploaded and shared in general fashion – apologies.
        U.K. based collector/discussion sites seem rare – most appear to be States based.

        however, thanks for your time and effort in replying:)

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