The Paragon

This one’s a total mystery to me and if anyone knows anything about it, I’d be delighted if you would chime in. It’s the Paragon and that’s all I know with certainty. Stylistically, I’d say it was made in the nineteen-twenties. It’s the typical flat-top of that period though at 13.8cm capped it’s larger than most.

It has a large and elegant warranted 14ct nib and the lever bears a four-leaf-clover symbol. I believe these were parts that could be bought in. The clip is inserted through the celluloid of the cap and retained by an inner cap. The barrel imprint is the single word “Paragon”. Not another hint as to who made it or where, though there’s every reason to believe that it’s English.

This isn’t one of those cheap pens that were turned out in their hundreds as advertising give-aways or sold for a few shillings. This is a pen with a solid feel, well made, robust and quite impressive in its size.

Info, anyone?

2 thoughts on “The Paragon

  1. The mark concealed by the section looks like it might be the start of the Degussa moon/sun device. If it is, it’s not a GREAT clue, since Degussa supplied a lot of makers with points, but it at least turns one’s head in the direction of Germany.

    1. It might well be. I no longer have the pen, so I can’t pull the nib out to check, but it does look like a Degussa. The pen looks English, I think. I don’t think the word “Paragon” exists in German but I can’t be totally certain.

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