So Glad That’s Over!

My final communication with my website builders:


I am immensely relieved that the creation of my website is finally over – or nearly over as you will see from the accompanying email. As usual, there is a foolish fault that shows once more that no-one is checking their own work, nor is there any form of quality control in place.

A very simple website that should have taken less than a fortnight to create has taken three months. That was three months of miserable frustration for me, as I spent hour after hour listing the careless mistakes that first the execrable Jugoslav and later Marija constantly made and equally constantly maintained had been put right when they evidently had not. Very little was corrected the first time I pointed out errors, and most things took up to five times before they were truly put right. In what world is that good business practice? It was also three months of lost sales for me, a small fortune that has been sacrificed to the incompetence, carelessness and total indifference to the interests of the customer that is your company’s hallmark, as further evidenced by the negative and condemnatory comments that are all over the Internet.

I understand that you use foreign workers because they are cheap. In the cases of the two who worked on my site, I hope they’re very cheap indeed. They would need to be if you’re going to get value for money. Frankly, I don’t care who does the coding, but you might have provided English-speaking oversight to avoid some of the worst time-wasting linguistic errors. Zoe, apparently, was supposed to supply some form of oversight but never did. You might consider whether her salary is well spent.

I note that you have added your company’s name to my website. That’s up to you. All my customers are well aware of what has been going on, and the almost farcical level of incompetence I’ve had to deal with. I didn’t name you, but if you want to out yourselves, that’s up to you. I would suggest that you don’t use my site in your gallery of sites you have made, listed on your website. If anyone contacts me I will be scrupulously honest and comprehensive in my opinion of your work.

In the survey I had to fill in before the site would go live, I was asked for comments. These are those comments but in case you missed it over there on the survey, I will repeat that this has been the worst experience of my business life. I still cannot believe how awful your company is, and how often a supposedly finished site was presented to me, only for me to find it was laughable in its dereliction, except for that fact that there was nothing funny about it. You managed to make me hate my own website. Bravo.

It would certainly be kinder to those hoping to put their business online if you were to find other work. There are many openings commensurate with your skills; there are ditches to be dug, garbage to be collected and burgers to be flipped. Go on, pack it in and get a job you can do!

Deborah Gibson

2 thoughts on “So Glad That’s Over!

  1. Well Deb, that’s telling em and for sure it needed saying. I know only too well from my own experience, the severe limitations (that’s a kind way of expressing it) of so called experts in this field. It is after all the technology by which we mostly live, anyone purporting to provide that service has now got to be right up with it.
    As you know it drove me to a self build shop – it took a long time, it was after all very complex. But if there is anything wrong with it it’s MY fault! It’s working just fine as it happens, it hasn’t covered it’s cost yet, but letting one if the ‘experts’ do it would have meant probably never getting to a profit making situation. ( I’m now doing a series of 12 web sites for my sins! Mostly small, less than a dozen pages and they only take a day or so to complete. Although they are seriously important contributions to an engineering sales operation, they are actually FUN to build!
    AND PLEASE, as I mentioned before be very, very careful of anyone offering to put you at the top of google for all those special search terms. I will happily advise, as I said, for nowt, the only realistic way of getting the results you will need.
    However, I’m still looking forward to a browse!!!!

    Well done


    1. Hi Martin,
      It did need saying and I’m glad to have got it off my chest. It’s good to hear that you’ve made such a success of building your own sites. It’s perhaps the road I should have gone down but I confess I was a Little intimidated by it, and feared to lose the time I should be devoting to pen repair and other aspects of the business.

      Anyway, more power to your elbow and wish you every success!


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