A Mottled Hard Rubber Fleet Pen

I wrote about the Fleet pen back here http://wp.me/p17T6K-iC. Much of the interest in this pen comes from its cultural context, but not all, as I discovered recently. I had thought that the two models I have often seen – a BCHR eyedropper and a BHR lever filler – were all there was in the way of Fleet pens.

Then this example appeared in eBay a few weeks ago. Sadly, it’s missing its original clip, which would have been interesting to see, but the medium cap band and lever show very little wear. The construction is still essentially two straight-sided tubes, with the same concave section as the BHR model, but the colourful Mottled Hard Rubber improves the pen’s appearance no end. What a difference a change of material can make! The nib, as before, is a medium-sized warranted one, roughly equivalent in size to a Swan No 2. It has a useful degree of flexibility.

Though doubtless still aimed at the school pupil market, this is a better pen with its gold trim and medium cap band, and it must have cost a bit more. The adverts I have seen make no mention of gold trim or a cap band. Perhaps this one is a little later and I may come upon advertising for it yet, or maybe this slightly more prestigious pen was sold in a more conventional way, though I’ve seen no trade press adverts yet either.

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