Frustration, Anger And Increasingly Homicidal Ideation

I find myself repeatedly apologising for the lack of activity in this blog, but there’s a good – or rather bad – reason for it. The creation of my retail website drags on and interminably on, involving me in a mountain of unnecessary work.

When I decided to move to online retail, I did my research, as one does. I wanted the best, almost regardless of cost. It’s costing me £1000.00 bar a handful of change. I wouldn’t mind that. I budgeted for the investment. What I do mind is that far from living up to their contract it appears that the company – or at least the developer I got dumped on me – will never finish the job.

It’s not that I’m being picky and insisting on the green being changed to blue, or that word be centred rather than left-aligned. I haven’t made a single style objection – I haven’t had time to even think of that, buried as I am in errors and incompetence.

Four times now, I have been presented with a link to a supposedly finished website. On each occasion it has had major flaws like broken links, links that go to the wrong place and thoroughly incompetent graphics handling. Clearly, the developer does not check his work and is severely limited in his skills. I suspect that he may not really be a developer in the true sense of the word. Time and again, I have to pore over the site, taking copious notes and thereby wasting time I can ill afford. On one occasion I submitted a closely written four-page document composed entirely of egregious faults.

I’m not naming names at this point. This weekend I finally blew my stack and ignoring the “developer”, I emailed the salesman who sold me the package, demanding that the situation be reviewed by senior management. I’ve had a positive response this morning. So, as I say, I’m not naming the culprits at this stage, but if I don’t get a 100% perfect site in quick order I most certainly will, everywhere and anywhere that I can.

Of course, the developers have a link to this blog…

4 thoughts on “Frustration, Anger And Increasingly Homicidal Ideation

  1. Deb,
    Breath…. then go for it. I know how you feel. I also wish they would hurry up because someone told me that you are going to sell a heap of Summit’s. That peaked my interest. Show me where to look PLEEEEEEASE.

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