On Its Way

The end is in sight – or the beginning – depending on how you look at it. I now have a working version of my online store though there are a few wrinkles still to be ironed out. Nice clean interface with little to distract from the pens. The navigation appears logical and intuitive.

The site will go live quite soon now, loaded with pens for your perusal, delectation and purchase if they are to your taste. When I traded in eBay I aimed for moderate prices, a high turnover and happy customers and that remains my intention. As I haven’t sold since April, everything, including this blog, has ground to a halt, and I’m looking forward to getting going again. The prospect of bringing in new – and hopefully unusual – stock to restore, write about here and sell is an exciting one.

I’ll keep you posted. It won’t be long now!


About goodwriterspens
I restore fountain pens, and used to trade as redripple52 in eBay. I also have my own fountain pen sales website, www.goodwriterssales.com

6 Responses to On Its Way

  1. Rard Changizi says:

    Can’t wait. Come on Deb, we are all waiting… Give us a look at the Beta version just to wet our taste buds.
    Seriously, looking forward to the new site.

  2. Philip Keates says:

    This is good news indeed. Good luck with the launch and I look forward to reading your words of wisdom again.

  3. CS says:

    Hello, I look forward to your online store soon.

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