An Early Swan Nib

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

It’s an early No 3 Swan nib – quite how early I can’t say at the moment, though I expect research will turn up a ball-park date eventually. No breather hole. It’ll be interesting to see how well that works when I get a pen to fit it in. It’s also very flexible, expanding from fine to triple broad at a touch.

The nib turned up on its own in eBay a few months ago. Bidding was hot and fast at the end and I paid nearly £40.00 for it, and was glad to get it at that price. I just need the rest of the pen now…

Actually, in a way, I won’t be especially aggrieved if I never find a pen for it. It’s such a jewel on its own, wonderfully evocative of an early stage in fountain pen development. It’s an inch-long masterpiece.

2 thoughts on “An Early Swan Nib

  1. This looks suspiciously like a dip pen nib. I have several nibs that look just like this that I picked up in local antique stores/flea markets and so forth. Most are Aiken-Lambert but I have one nice Swan as well. They are beautiful to look at and even more fun to write with. It should have an area beneath the tines that shows a different texture so the ink will adhere to it better after dipping and until the capillary flow draws it between the tines. Happy writing!

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