Mabie Todd Swan Leverless 4461

Here’s another big one, the Leverless 4661, pretty much the replacement for the Levereless 2060 which I wrote about here: .


It doesn’t have the brass barrel threads, so I’m guessing that this one’s from 1950 or 1951. It’s a handsome black hard rubber pen. Though it’s substantial, it’s not exceptionally large at 14cm capped, so the huge No 6 nib is something of a surprise when you take the cap off. It’s a hunk of gold and makes a beautiful nib with its heart-shaped breather and deeply-incised engraving. Surprisingly, for such a big nib, it has an appreciable degree of flexibility.


These were interesting years for Swan. The company had gone public a couple of years before and in 1949 they’d finally managed to unveil their much-delayed new range of torpedo-shaped pens. Despite the depressed state of the post-war economy, these pens were selling like hot cakes. Who would have guessed that within another couple of years they would have been taken over by Biro Pens Ltd, a company which did not have the best interests of Mabie Todd’s fine heritage at heart, and who would initiate the rapid decline from this high point to the dissolution of Swan in a few short years.

2 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan Leverless 4461

  1. Hi Deb,

    Do you know what’s the difference(s) between the 4660 and the 4661? I am somewhat confused by Swan’s numbering system, they can be a pain to decipher… Thank in advance!


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