An Oversize Salz Jade

It’s an American pen today, and one that isn’t often seen in Britain: a Salz. We’re not talking about those little Dinkie-sized Salz Peter Pan pens either. This is a Great Big Salz – 13.8cm capped and 16.6cm posted.


I would guess that this pen dates from the mid to late twenties. Salz is usually thought of as one of the lesser brands but this is a high quality pen.

The gold plating has lasted well on the cap rings, lever and the unusual two-part clip. The nib is a warranted 14k gold No 8, which is a sizeable lump of bullion. Sadly, there’s no tipping material left on this nib, so the long search for a warranted replacement of the right size begins, before I can restore this big beast to working condition.


Perhaps the best thing about this pen is the colour. It’s that all-too-uncommon thing, a perfect jade with no discolouration. Quite the dream pen, or it will be when I finally get it fixed up.

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