The Phillpson & Golder Cestrian

A Cestrian, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) is an occupant of the city of Chester. Phillipson & Golder were (and may still be, for all I know) a large and successful printing and publishing business in Chester, turning out books, many related to the area, directories, maps, prints and an almost endless list of other things.


They also sold – or maybe gave away as a promotion – the Cestrian pen.


We don’t have to hunt for clues as to who actually made it; Thomas De La Rue’s logo is on the clip.


It’s a well-made pen in a plain way. Its only notable features are the quite short filling lever and the peaked clip screw.


I have nothing to date it by, but going on the style alone I would suggest that it’s a post-war pen.

7 thoughts on “The Phillpson & Golder Cestrian

  1. That is a lovely pen. Congrats on winning it. I bid and lost it. As it is to you, it does not hurt as much. When I saw the listing, I looked at that scrawl on the clip which, as was not clear, I assumed to be one of the “Own brand ” pens of Conway stewart. Is it just me or does this pen bear a similarity to CS pens too?

    1. Hi Shrikaanth,

      You’ll get another chance at it in a week or two because I’ll be listing it in due course. I suppose it does have a resemblance to some of the bandless CS models.


      1. Hmm. But it will surely not go for that low a price. There is a premium associated with your reputation. I may not be able to afford it πŸ™‚

      2. There will be some value added, though. It will have a new sac, a tuned nib and a peculiar zit on the cap will have disappeared. Also, it’s very far from being a well-known pen, so there’s unlikely to be a queue of buyers waiting in the wings. IIRC I paid around twenty quid and postage for it. It’s unlikely to double that.

        I won’t make my fortune restoring these extremely rare and unknown pens, but they are the kind of thing I like to write about.

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