In Limbo

Hi All, just a quick post with apologies for the recent silence.  My husband is currently in hospital, rather unexpectedly, and we are far enough away from there to merit my overnight stays nearby rather than trying to get back and forth each day.  This leaves me computerless (too late did I discover that the hospital accommodation supposedly has free wifi!), and so while I have posts brewing in my brain, it may be a few days until I can get back to writing.  It’ll be back and forth the next couple of days by necessity, but it’s more like a flying visit to home, throw clothes in the washer, bravely bear the cat’s guilt-attacks, collect the mail and head back out for the early train in the morning.  Only reason I came home this evening was to handle eBay sales, correspondence, and of course, to assuage the now-wild-eyed cat who, even as I type, sits next to the laptop yowling at me in what amounts to cat cursing.  At least, that’s what the set of her ears is telling me!

Hope to be back soon, believe me…


5 thoughts on “In Limbo

  1. Hello Deb – best wishes and hope the recovery is under way. It’s such a worry. We’ve just completed a mammoth 55 visits to the Oncology Centre in the space of 3 1/2 months. So far so good. You are on my prayer list. Martin

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