Mabie Todd Swan Calligraph 3170

I wrote about Calligraphs back here As I said back then, Calligraph can be a bit of a misnomer because so many of them are perfectly ordinary non-calligraphy pens. However, sometimes you come across one that lives up to the name and once in a while you come across a sort of strange Wondernib that does everything. How does Oblique Italic Flexible sound?

It’s a true italic, sharp-edged enough to dig into the paper. It is tipped, unlike some other italic nibs. It’s oblique and, quite unexpectedly, it has oodles of flexibility! I managed a cursive writing sample with it but it wasn’t a comfortable thing to do. It wanted to dig into the paper on the upstrokes, as any good italic should do. Flexibility in this configuration of nib feels really odd. I can’t imagine what writing style they had in mind for this nib but any calligrapher with a creative and innovative spirit would have the time of his life with it!

The pen model number is 3170, that is, lever filler with a No1 nib, colour code 70, which is one of those that I haven’t seen defined anywhere. I’ll say teal, for the moment, though I’m not entirely pleased with it. Cobalt comes to mind, but there’s a hint of green here that cobalt doesn’t have.  This is the first – lever-filler – type of Calligraph, by far the best version


2 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Swan Calligraph 3170

  1. Hi Deb,
    70 is the colour code for Pastel Blue (plain light blue) WES journal, volume 39, article courtesy of Steve Hull

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