The Lizard Skin Summit Again

You’ll probably remember this beautiful lizard-skin Summit which I wrote about recently. I was fairly wide of the mark in the date I assigned to it then but I’ll excuse myself by saying that some Summit models didn’t change much over the years, to the casual eye at least.

The correct date is likely to be 1947, when much of the pen-making equipment that was used to produce Summits was sold to Dickinson Croxley. Some incomplete pens may have formed part of the deal. They were later fitted with Osmiroid 35 nibs and the “Summit” imprint on the clip was crudely over-stamped so that they could be sold off. That’s the story and it seems completely plausible to me. It’s certainly true that this is not the only Summit to have been altered in this way.

(My thanks to Paul Martin at Rutland Pens for this information. His excellent Summit website is here:

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