Trapped Emails

Merely by chance I happened to discover that British Telecom in their wisdom (if you detect the sharp flavour of sarcasm there, your taste buds are not wrong) have applied a spam trap to my email accounts. I could never have guessed that they had done so, as a goodly measure of blatant spam gets through on a daily basis. Having been alerted to the presence of this spam trap I examined its contents. None of the more than one hundred emails in there was spam. Some of it was important. Worse, I found out that they delete everything when it reaches thirty days old.

The spam trap has now been turned off. I’m working through replies to unanswered mails, but if you have written to me and not received an answer please accept my apologies and write to me again. I always reply to emails (except when BT hides them from me).

I am left to wonder why my ISP would take it upon himself to block a sizeable proportion of my email. I wonder even more why it wouldn’t occur to him (her, them, it) to give me a hint that he was doing so. I am beyond wondering how it came to pass that the emails that were trapped were genuine while all the V14GRA ones got through…

I’m not off to a good start with my new ISP.

Even my assistant is displeased.

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