A Lizard-Skin Summit

This pen was listed in eBay as an Osmiroid, which it clearly isn’t. It looked like a Summit to me. Though the photos were quite small, the nib could be seen to be white metal and I guessed that the seller had taken the name on the nib to apply to the whole pen. What puzzled me was that there was obviously engraving on the clip which, I imagined, would surely identify what the pen really was. Knowing that I wouldn’t be the only potential buyer to realise that there was more here than met the eye, I bid high. As expected, it didn’t go for peanuts but it sold for a lot less than it would have if it had been properly described.

When it arrived, I could see why the seller hadn’t been able to make much of the inscription on the clip. The circles make the name very hard to read. Even knowing what I was likely to see there, I found it hard to distinguish. I’ve seen this shape of Summit with that clip before but not with the circles. My guess would put it at around 1938.

Here’s the cause of the confusion: an Osmiroid 35 nib. If you broke your nib and needed a cheap replacement in a hurry, these were the ones to go for. They turn up in the most unexpected of pens!

Sadly, for once, I don’t have a spare Summit nib lying around so I’ll have to wait until one turns up.

4 thoughts on “A Lizard-Skin Summit

  1. Hi Deb,
    Looks like what you have is a Summit S175Mk2. There was a transitional version came out which had a double jewel but as you photo shows the pen posted I can not tell if it is one of these. Nice pen and quite rare. It would be nice if you could find a Summit nib and fit it. The clip is an odd one. I think the “O” marks have been added by someone as they are definately not original.
    Rard Changizi

    1. Hi Rard,
      Thank you for that identification of the pen. I’m sure you’re right. It has the double jewel and there is no barrel imprint, which appear to be features of the Mk2. It’s also covered here on Paul Martin’s excellent Summit site: http://summit.ch944.net/index.php

      The stamped circles on the clip are a real mystery. It looks like they were done to obscure the word “Summit”. I’ll certainly be waiting for a Summit nib for this pen.


  2. Some pens were completed by the administrator using the overstamped clips and Osmiroid nibs. Surplus clips were also sold off and I have seen them on several Uniques

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