It’s More Or Less A Clipless, Numberless Leverless

This one’s a clipless Leverless (doesn’t that just trip off the tongue?). Either V. Newby didn’t use his or her pen very much or she/he was very careful with it, because the chasing and imprints are like new, as is the gold plating on the rings.

Now there’s a thing! I haven’t seen a ring arrangement like that before, with two plain narrow bands on either side of a milled band just broad enough to be called medium. The effect is very pleasing.

It’s not only a clipless Leverless, it’s a numberless clipless Leverless. I may be reading too much into that but quite a few of the early numberless Leverless pens that I have seen seem to vary from the usual trim. Could it be that these are bespoke pens, and this is a pen assembled to V. Newby’s own specifications?

In any case, it’s a superb pen with its crisp imprint and Swan image on the top of the cap. It’s a big pen at 13.7cm capped. The nib is a No.2 and it gives quite a bit of line variation.


4 thoughts on “It’s More Or Less A Clipless, Numberless Leverless

  1. This model has become my favourite Swan and I have finally managed to match the number. The pen from your post is L245/60 (or L245B/60 depending on the barrel length), while assuming that the nib is of size 2. The section would carry the SWAN L2 or L2B inscription, respectively. Unfortunately, the model designation was imprinted on the turn knob, from which it is easily worn away. According to Gary Lehrer this model was manufactured around 1927. I hope you don’t mind me keep coming back.

    1. I could see no sign that the model number had been obliterated. Though we can calculate and assign a number to pens that have no number, I’m not a believer in doing that. There are far too many numberless Swans for it to be simply an error. I think there was something else going on there but the absence of records leaves us in the dark.

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