A New Old Stock Osmiroid 65

I recently bought a job lot of fountain pens and mechanical pencils. There were a few interesting writing instruments among the lot, some of which will turn up here soon. One unexpected thing was this Osmiroid 65 still in its original packaging. I discussed Osmiroids in general terms back here: http://wp.me/s17T6K-osmiroid and I illustrated that article with a picture of an Osmiroid 75. This pen I have today is the earlier lever-fill No 65.

I don’t have exact dates for the Osmiroid 65 and 75. My husband, who started school in 1955, remembers the 65s being used then or soon after, so it seems that this unused example has been around for fifty years or more.

Normally, new old stock pens will disappear into a collector’s cabinet never to be inked. They fetch a premium as perfect examples of their kind. With an Osmiroid, I suspect the rules will be a little different. While the fact that it is “new” and in pristine condition will still be appreciated, the buyer is likely to be a calligrapher rather than a collector, and the pen will certainly be inked and used.

The left oblique italic nib is a beautiful thing, and one of the less common Osmiroid nibs. I haven’t seen one before.


16 thoughts on “A New Old Stock Osmiroid 65

  1. good morning sir
    i am really interested in your osmiroid pen
    i want to contact you
    please tell me how
    do you have other osmiroid pens to sell ?

  2. I bought a Osmiroid 65-lever at Goodwill thrift store today. It appears in good condition and came with the six nibs & original box. There are instructions on the back pertaining to the procedure for re-filling the pen. Sorry, but I don’t quite understand them since I have never used a fountain pen before. It says to “immerse nib in ink. Lift lever. Close lever. Count to five slowly. Withdraw pen from ink and wipe.” Since I’m dipping the pen downward, how does the reservoir fill. Is there supposed to be a sac or something in the ink chamber (empty now), and how long do I keep the pen facing down? Thnx!

    1. Hi Joe,
      Your Osmiroid 65 will need a new sac – a size 18, if I remember correctly, and you’ll need some shellac to fix it in place. For further instructions go here: http://www.richardspens.com/?page=ref/repair/sac_replacement.htm

      Once the sac is fitted just follow the instructions to fill the pen. Lifting the lever squeezes the sac and the vacuum formed as it returns to its original shape draws the ink in. Keep the nib in the ink for a count of 5 as they suggest, or even a little longer.

      1. Thank you very much for the information. I will get right to work on it and let you know the results. Joe

  3. Hello I recently received a Osmiroid 65 from my late grandfather. It appears in very good condition, but came with no instructions or ink cartridges. Any idea as to what size it takes? Any advice greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Phil,

      Osmiroid re-used the number 65. The first 65 was a lever filler. The later one used their own cartridges and so far as I’m aware nothing else fits. They do appear in eBay from time to time. You can refill the cartridge with a syringe.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. The pen did not come with any cartridges (even empty ones). Any idea what size I would be looking at? When trying in a shop (they had none suitable), it looked to be rather narrow and short.

      2. Hi Phil,

        Hi Phil,

        These cartridges are not made now and I don’t think any modern ones fit. Your best bet is to look for Osmiroid cartridges in eBay. They do turn up now and again. Kep trying and you’ll get some.

      3. Hi I have collected quite a few Osmiroid fountain pens and can add to the fount of knowledge.
        The mk2 model 65 had 3 different filling systems. The cartridge one is often found and the normal lever fill is also often around There is also a “aerometric” filling version of which I have one example.
        One feature that may (or may not) charactorise the aerometric fill version is that the cap doesn’t have a metal band but just a series of different idameters (4) at the bottom of the cap.
        The mark 2 version is charactorised by the cap top being sloped sort of like the model 75 but with the clip recessed. It is also made in the material much less prone to shrinkage.
        My favorite pen (the one that lives in my pocket currently) is a aerometric fill, late model in a lovely dark green swirl. I have pared it with a Rolatip medium soft nib unit and it is still one of the best pens I have tried.
        If you would like pictures of the various models let me know.

        Regarding the difficulty of obtaining cartridges. I have successfully modified Pelikan(I think) by drilling the end so that is fits the nib snugly. There are also 2 different types of refillable cartridge replacement units. One has a piston with a screw to draw in the ink and the other is a flexable squeezy thing. Both work well

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