Selsdon Again

I wrote about Selsdon Fountain Pens Ltd before, back here:

Another one came my way recently, again in the shape made familiar to us by the Eversharp Skyline, with the sharply tapered barrel and rounded cap top. This one’s slightly smaller than my previous example, and lighter too.  Unlike the Skyline, this pen posts well.

Otherwise it’s very much the same, with its very lightly gilded clip and Mystery Metal lever which maintains a shine forever. This one has a W. R. Bruton Bros nib. Bruton Bros Ltd were a West Midlands company which made very fine dip nibs back in the day and went on to make inexpensive fountain pens which are quite uncommon now. They also made plated, folded-tip fountain pen nibs which were installed by some makers of low-cost pens.

I commented before that the plastic in these pens seemed unusual, and I’ve since found out that Selsdon Pens dabbled in the creation of new plastics. After the collapse of the fountain pen company, Lesley Selsdon went on to create Selsdon Filtration and he is interviewed here:

These pens will never be prime collector’s pieces (though there are better models), and yet, it seems to me, they have considerable interest as one of the fascinating by-ways of British fountain pen history.


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