Of Bulb Fillers And National Security

And by National Security I don’t mean police with sub-machine guns and big, watchful men at airports. I mean the wonderful pens sold by British Carbon Papers, about which I’ve written here: http://wp.me/p17T6K-6C. More on that anon.

You remember that thing about “it never rains but it pours?” Well, after lamenting that I’d only restored one bulb filler this year, I find myself in possession of two more. One’s a National Security and it’s already back in working order. That’s the one I’ll be discussing today. The other, a beautiful red and black hard rubber No-Name pen is clearly made by the same hands as the National Security, but it’s in rather worse condition and repair will take a little longer.

So here’s the National Security Vis-A-Tank after disassembly and cleaning. The amber barrel has come up well.

These extra channels in the feed connect up to the breather tube, and they help to create a highly efficient filling system.

The repair was absolutely straightforward, and here’s the pen reassembled and ready to write. I love the subtlety of this very dark brown/black marble, which I think is unique to National Security pens. National Security produced the most astonishing range of pens, all the way from this slightly eccentric and very beautiful bulb filler to the most traditional pen imaginable:

This black hard rubber lever filler is about as plain as a pen gets, but its saving grace lies in the imprint

which includes the National Security logo of the Lion & Pen, which they employed on their pens all too rarely. It’s quite worn here, and I’ve been unable to reproduce it in as detailed a form as I’d like, but take my word for it, he’s a charming, smiley lion. Quite unlike those scary men at the airport…

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