Boxed Crox 2

Sometimes it never rains but it pours – but in a good way. A few posts back I was complaining about most Croxleys being black ( and here I find another, colourful, in excellent condition and complete with box.

I love this black/brown/gold/russet marbled mixture. It isn’t quite as bright as the gold/brown marble that Mentmore had around the same time (see here: but it has great depth and glorious shades of colour. You could lose yourself in this pen.

According to the graffiti on the box, this pen first belonged to Kenneth Purnell, and judging by the writing, Kenneth was about eleven at the time. That was long ago, though, and if Kenneth is still with us, I would guess that he will be on the high side of sixty now.

The box contains the filling instructions and warranty. It’s advised to use Croxley ink. I didn’t know that there was such a thing, and I’d love to find a bottle of it. You are warned that fitting any parts other than Croxley ones to the pen will void the guarantee. Sadly, it doesn’t answer the question I still have: did Dickinson make those said parts – and indeed the whole pens – themselves, or were they supplied by a contractor? There are many pen mysteries that I feel sure will always remain unresolved, but I think I might find the answer to this one, one of these days.

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