The Conway Stewart 27

The Conway Stewart 27 was produced for about ten years, from the early fifties to the early sixties. There were slight differences, mostly in the imprint, during that period and this is one of the later ones, from between 1958 and 1962, when it cost the princely sum of 27/6d. That was a high price, and the 27 is high-quality pen with its cowled clip, large nib and broad cap band. They sold well and are common today, but their quality ensures that they fetch a good price.

They came in some gorgeous colours: tiger’s eye, cracked ice and the full range of herringbone, hatched and marbled colours. This is the olive green hatched. Forgive the photography which doesn’t really do the colour justice.

This one has a Duro 40 nib, and I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t. I think these always had No5 nibs. It shouldn’t be too much trouble to put that right.


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