A Boxed Crox

I’ve written about Dickinson Croxleys before, so you’ll know that I greatly approve of them. They’re well made, they write well, the gold plating is better than that on many of the larger manufacturers, and they’re stylish. If I have a complaint at all, it’s that 99% of their output seems to have been black. A colourful one does turn up sometimes, though and it’s all the better if it still has its box, guarantee and price label!

I’m guessing that this is quite a late example, because 30/- (£1.50) was a lot of money back in the day.

That clip is, to my mind, one of the best ever made, and the arrow feature is echoed in the lever. Like I said, stylish! The box is complete and sound but a little shop-soiled. I imagine it gathered dust on a shelf somewhere for a very long time…


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