Platignum Button-Filler

The very cheapest pens, like Queensways, Universals, Platignums and the like are consigned to my “spares and repairs” box, to be sold off as a job lot when enough have accumulated. This morning, however, this pen gave me pause for thought:

It’s a Platignum button-filler of indeterminate date that was included in a lot that I bought. The steel nib was rusted out, otherwise it appeared all right, and I decided to disassemble it. Once you have all the parts there and you can have a proper look at it, it’s a good, sturdy, well-made pen. Mentmore/Platignum always made very efficient button-fillers and this is no exception. Is it right to cast a good pen aside because it bears a less-than-popular name? It’s every bit as good a pen as a Mentmore or a Wyvern.


I resacced it, cleaned it up and fitted a little Kaweco nib that will never find an appropriate home elsewhere and fits well. It’s a great writer. I’ll offer it for sale at a low price that will cover my costs. If it sells I might fix up a few more, if not it’s back to the “spares and repairs” box.

2 thoughts on “Platignum Button-Filler

  1. I bumped into a collector at last year’s Northern Pen Show at Lytham who specialised in Platignums. So somebody must like them. I recall from school days that most of my pens were Platignums such as the long tapering blue school pen and a black/stainless silverline. They worked well enough for my awful handwriting. I don’t have much knowledge of the brand other than from that period (late 60’s through the 70’s) and I had moved on to Parker by the end of my school days with a Parker 75 for my 21st.

  2. There are Platignums and Platignums, I suppose. At the latter end they made some truly awful pens, but they weren’t alone in that. Some of the earlier “built to a price” ones were bad too, but they also made some solid pens, like this one, and very attractive pen and pencil sets that some collectors treat with more seriousness than I have in the past. Perhaps it’s time for a re-evaluation.


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