Five Black Conway Stewarts

Following on from yesterday, Tradera, the Swedish auction site, has had the offending link to this blog removed. Kudos to them!

Sometimes this must seem like a Mabie Todd blog. Partly, that’s because of my own fondness for their products. Also, Swans, Blackbirds and Jackdaws are favoured by my customers, so I buy a lot of them. That doesn’t mean that I’m not fond of other pens – I am – and Conway Stewart is near the head of the list of other pens I like.

As I’ve said elsewhere, obliques and full flexes are much less commonly found among Conway Stewarts than Swans, but line variation isn’t everything. Conway Stewart’s slogan for many years was “The pen with the wonderful nib” and that’s true. If you like a firm nib or a soft semi-flex, look no further. Conway Stewart put a lot of effort into ensuring that when the nib was applied to paper, the customer would be satisfied. All these years later, their pre-war and post-war pens are among the very best writers there are.

I restored five this week. All black and nothing particularly outstanding among them, though there’s a single-band 386 among them which isn’t often seen. Most importantly, they’re all great writers.

4 thoughts on “Five Black Conway Stewarts

  1. Just discovered your blog today…great reading….

    Can you please identify the CS pens in the photo?



  2. Hi Mark,

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

    Those pens have moved on, so I can’t be absolutely certain but looking at them now I’d say (from the left) 36, 286, 388, 45 and 475.

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