I photographed the pens for sale yesterday. Whenever possible, I use natural light, and yesterday was bright, but with a high haze that diffused the light. Perfect conditions, so the photographs are quite good. Clear, anyway, which is what I need. Today, I described the pens. I enjoy doing the descriptions. It’s technical and exact – dimensions, condition, performance of nib. When I began doing this, I used to write descriptions so detailed that you would be able to envisage the pen without a photo. It can be done, but it’s unnecessary and now I just use the description to add the detail that the photos cannot give.

It’s interesting, because you’re addressing a wide audience in eBay. Most of my potential buyers will know what a Conway Stewart 475 is, for instance, but the questions that are sometimes asked make it clear that not everyone does. You’d expect that; there are people new to the hobby coming along all the time. They’re the future. Descriptions, then, need to be comprehensive but not overkill. My descriptions generally run to 100 – 150 words which I believe is enough to give a good idea of the pen without sending the buyer into an impenetrable jungle of information. After all, the photographs are the important thing, and if I’ve left anything out, someone is sure to ask.

Tomorrow I’ll list the pens in eBay, and we’ll see how they will fare. These will be the first I’ve listed since April.

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