The Waterman 3

Waterman have had their ups and downs over the decades, but their moderately-priced flat-tops were very popular in Britain in the 1930s. They can be a bit confusing, because similar-at-a-glance pens appear from the USA, Canada, England and from Jif Waterman in France.

This one is a Waterman 3 made in Canada, and is typical of the Canadian output with its box lever and riveted clip. The colours are outstanding and the beautiful fine No3 nib has great flexibility.

Many of these pens have flexible nibs, and though they weren’t expensive when new, they have proved durable and they restore well.

6 thoughts on “The Waterman 3

    1. Hi Linda,

      This one’s a 3. It’s very similar to the 32. The dimensions are pretty much identical, but the 32 tapers a little more at the cap and barrel ends. The clip on the 32 is not riveted but inserted. The only 32s I’ve seen have been made in the USA, and this one and only 3 I’ve had was made in Canada.

      As I said, Waterman models at this time (and a little later too) are confusingly similar.


  1. Thanks so much for the quick reply.
    I have an opportunity to purchase a 32, made in Canada, broad nib.
    I am sort of excited about it, but haven’t really decided yet.

  2. Thanks for your great sites. After your notes about Waterman’s I have looked to my collection. What stunning, I have a Waterman’s 3 from USA.
    Written: Reg. U.S. Pat.Off. Made in USA Fountain Pen with Ideal Logo. Unfortunately without a nib. It is in great color grey/black marbled with red specks. If you like I can send some pictures.
    Do you know which nib will orginally fits? Could you date the Waterman’s 3?

    Sorry for my bad english.

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