The Conway Stewart 24

By the 1950s, Conway Stewart had overcome the postwar material shortages, and once again offered such a range of choice to buyers that selecting a pen must have been quite a task. There were prices to suit all pockets, a dazzling variety of colourful patterns and a selection of trim levels. If, for whatever reason, having two cap bands was important to the potential purchaser, there was only one choice: “The Conway Stewart” No24. Introduced around 1949, the 24 was the only model with two rings, but it came in two different forms; one had the rings narrowly spaced, in the slightly later version the rings were noticeably further apart. This example is one of those with the closely-spaced rings:

Some of the plastics used in the 24 are quite stunning. As well as burgundy, green and grey hatched, the now much sought-after tiger’s eye and cracked ice patterns were available. It was often sold together with the No18 pencil as a boxed set.

Though obliques and stubs are less common among Conway Stewarts than they are among Swans, they do turn up, and this pen has an excellent factory medium stub which imparts appreciable line variation to the writing.

Though not rare, 24s are less commonly seen than, for instance, 58s and 27s.


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