Getting There!

One good thing about moving is the forced ‘opportunity’ to clear out, organize, and re-assess. The pen workshop is slowly taking shape – as a result, many items have resurfaced after spending almost a year in hibernation.

It’s been a joy getting back to some pen repair, some pen photography, and the odd upload here and there to the website.  It’s all a bit overwhelming, but we’ll get there!


Back Again!

I’m back in business if only in a small way. I’ve added a couple of choice items to the Odds & Ends section of my sales website. I’ve already managed to get a few pens ready for upload and they will be appearing in the next few days. This is without benefit of my workshop, which I’m still waiting to get together.

I’ve been in eBay buying a few pens. It’s a long while since I did that and my goodness how the prices have risen! There are less high-quality old pens around too, which is sad but I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. There isn’t a bottomless well of old pens out there. There are still plenty of excellent post-war Parkers, and very fine pens they are too but, for the moment, the demand for them is poor. I generally try to keep a few in stock and they do move, but slowly.

The days when there were hordes of Swans of all dates have gone, I’m afraid. Those that do appear sell for serious money now. Still, not to worry. EBay isn’t the only game in town and I’m sure I can find some pens that my customers will want.