Pilot Varsity

I love those disposable Pilot Varsity pens. I bought a package of six of them for the price of a packet of salted peanuts. They came with different inks. I’ll have to give some of them away. I couldn’t write with pink ink, for instance, though I find the purple quite pleasing.

It’s the nibs that I like so much. I bought the fine ones and they are exactly what I like in a nib, sharp and precise. The ink flow is excellent. Apart from their usefulness, I like the shape of the nibs, beautifully designed and stylish.

I believe that once the generous supply of ink is used up, you can take them apart and use them as eyedropper fillers. I absolutely won’t do that for a couple of reasons. First I don’t like eyedropper fillers very much and secondly I can find more interesting things to do with my time. Moreover a part of their charm is that they are disposable, like a Crystal Bic though much less painful to use.

Obviously Pilot and their competitors must make a profit from these throwaway pens but it can’t be much because they are so cheap. Maybe it’s to draw you in to the more serious addiction of non-disposable pens, like drug dealers feeding kids cannabis so that there will be a market for heroin later on.