Wyvern 101 Crocodile

These pens went into production in 1948 and were popular with King George VI.  They don’t appear very often and when they do they are usually pricey.  This one is generally very good but there is brassing on the wide cap band.  The gold nib is unusually large for a Wyvern and it bears the […]

Wyvern No 50

Wyvern models are confusing and they are likely to remain so until someone does major work on them. This No 50, when compared with other Wyverns, seems to be a mid-thirties pen. It has the rather stylish Art Deco clip, double cap bands and the usual arrow-shaped lever. With the cowled clip and black “jewel”, […]

Wyvern Perfect Pen No 60

Wyverns are always interesting and sometimes a little annoying: annoying because of the occasional left-hand thread and the confusing re-use of names and model numbers. They are particularly interesting because of their long history and extensive model range. This pen re-uses both a name and a number but it bears little resemblance to the earlier […]

A Shabby Wyvern 60C

This Wyvern No 60C came in a bunch of pens that I bought for spares. It was in a very dirty condition and the engraving on the nib was impossible to read because it was deeply coated in black ink that didn’t want to come off – iron gall black or some calligraphy ink perhaps. […]

Wyvern No 7S

Wyvern remains the red-headed stepchild among British pens.  Conway Stewart has an excellent website and a very informative book.  Langs pens are very well covered in a website.  Mabie Todd has an increasingly well-recorded and illustrated website.  Poor old Wyvern, despite being an old established and prolific company, has nothing. Sharon Cordwell brought this pen […]

Wyvern 303

  As is usually the case with Wyverns, there isn’t much information available for the 303.  It was introduced in 1948 along with several other hooded or semi-hooded new models.  In truth, the 303 can’t really be regarded as even semi-hooded.  It’s a perfectly traditional button-filler.  It just doesn’t look it.  The very small nib […]

The Wyvern 404

While we’re on the subject of Wyverns,  how about this 404?  I confess I don’t know a lot about its history and I googled it this morning.  I found various dates quoted for its manufacture, the earliest being 1938.  That seems unlikely.  After all, it clearly shows the influence of the Parker 51.  It would […]

Wyvern 60C Grey Hatch

Someone recently asked for a step-by step of a repair so I’ll try to remember to point my trusty Pentax at things as I work on this Wyvern 60C.  It might not be the best example for a before-and-after because it looks pretty good for a start but we’ll see how we go. A little […]

Wyverns No 60C and 404

Months will go by when I don’t see a Wyvern, then I get two on the same day, beauties both of them. The No 60C is a bit of a puzzle.  It appears with different levels of trim and, indeed, as a completely different pen from this one, more slender and cheaper-looking.  This version, with […]

A Twenties Wyvern No 60N

Wyvern, despite the great many pens they made in a variety of models, is poorly represented in the literature and on line.  Yes, Lambrou provides a potted history and Hull covers it in much more detail, but where does one go to find illustrations of the many different models? This, for future reference, is a […]