Post-Move Update.

It’s been a while.  The house move, with Gordon just out of hospital, was a stress city the size of London and Tokyo combined.  Then our lives were all about boxes for at least three weeks but that’s all over now and our flat is beginning to look like a home.

Gordon is much better and is walking to and from dialysis most days.  He says it’s doing him a power of good.  Smartie the cat is distinctly displeased about the move and is finding life without her old territory rather difficult.  She was cock o’ the walk there and now she’s a newbie at ten years old.  There’s been some fighting and as far as I can tell she’s had one win and one loss.

British Telecom had promised our broadband would be back on at the end of February.  The man never came on the appointed day, nor on the rescheduled appointment two days later.  There were many phone calls and many lies.  Set-up is now scheduled for 23rd March.  I have a seething hatred for BT.

I have an unreliable and slow connection through BT “hotspots”, part of our contract.  Unfortunately it’s just not good enough for business but as soon as I have my proper broadband connection back I’ll be loading pens into the sales site and generally getting back to work.  I have missed this so much in recent months and I’m aching to get back to it.  Won’t be long now.