Conway Stewart History Corrected

One of several annoying things about the present-day Conway Stewart company is the Soviet-style re-writing of history they present on their website.  Though their only relationship with the original, long-defunct Conway Stewart company is that they purchased the rights to the name and trademarks, they claim the accomplishments of the original company as their own.  In addition to publishing this nonsense on their site, it has been posted in Wikipedia, that magnificent source of dubious information.

To counter this disinformation, Andy Russell  has made available, in .pdf format, a brief and accurate overview of Conway Stewart history.  Go to Fountain Pen Board, seek out the post “Conway Stewart – The True History” and you can download it from there.

Many thanks to Andy for putting the record straight.  The rebirth of dead companies is annoying enough to those of us who are interested only in the older pens, but at least the other re-born companies like Eversharp and Onoto have had the decency to mark a clear line between their output and that of their long-ago predecessors.  Only Conway Stewart have had the brass neck to rewrite history to lay claim to the work of other, and dare I say better men.

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