A Candy-Striped Kingswood


Most fountain pen manufacturers had the candy stripe pattern in their range at one time or another, and looking at this Eversharp Kingswood you can see why. It’s just such a beautiful pattern. In some cases, like the Onoto, candy stripe can be translucent but even when it’s not you’d almost swear the light shines through it. This one has a little discolouration, whether darkening of the cap or yellowing of the barrel I cannot say with certainty. It can go either way. A decaying sac in the barrel can change the colour but so can outgassing of the BHR inner cap. Even ink trapped behind the inner cap can do it. It’s not too bad in this case. It’s still a very attractive pen.

At first glance I thought that the clip was a replacement. It looks big and clunky and doesn’t seem to suit the pen all that well. I checked it against Simon’s collection (http://wp.me/p17T6K-uG) and, sure enough, his candy stripes had the same over-large-looking clip, so it’s original.

These are the Kingswoods I have always assumed were made by Valentine. I’ve seen Valentines – and Parkers too – made from this material, and if you discount such details as the clip and nib, the pens are very alike.

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