Broad Oblique Blackbird BB2/60

It’s no good clamouring and begging. This one’s already sold!

A few days ago, someone asked me for a Swan with a broad oblique nib. I didn’t have one. It’s hardly surprising – they’re rarer than hen’s teeth. I see a few obliques in the course of a year, but broad obliques? Once in a blue moon.

The very next day, among a delivery of pens I’d bought was this BlackBird BB2/60, a very common pen, but with a very uncommon nib – a broad oblique! I’m not a superstitious sort, but the implausibility of that juxtaposition of occurrences did make me wonder if there’s an unusual conjunction or alignment of the planets around now…

Anyway, I was able to get back to the gentleman and tell him that while I didn’t have a Swan with a broad oblique nib, I did have a Blackbird that is both seriously broad and fully oblique. He’s happy and so am I!

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