Sheaffer Sentinel Tuckaway

When the Tuckaway first appeared in, I think, 1941, it had no clip and the suggestion was fairly strong that this was a pen for a lady’s purse. They did things like that back then, whereas now if you were to suggest that women should confine themselves to little tricky pens you might well get a slap in the kisser. Not from me, of course. I’m against violence in all its forms. Unless I’m annoyed.

Anyway, soon thereafter the Tuckaway became unisex and grew a little clip. I’m informed that this truncated clip is called a clasp. So there. After that it went through the full gamut of Sheaffer options – lever filler, Vac-Fil, Touchdown, open nib and triumph.

This is one of the late ones, a Sentinel Tucky with Touchdown filler. It’s a small pen with big attitude. When you take the cap off the conical nib looks almost out of place on the short pen, but when it’s posted it seems to come back into proportion.

The tip-tilted nib is as hard as a nail. When I got it, it was inexplicably toothy. I could see no reason for it even under magnification, but a little bit of polishing and it’s a pleasure to write with.


The Sentinel may be short but it’s not slender and the section provides a good gripping area, all of which go together to make it surprisingly useful, even for extended periods of writing.

This one’s a keeper!

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